Linking Revolut card to an App Store/iTunes account

I constantly read on Twitter that users cannot add they Revolut card to an iTunes/App Store account

And here are the things to know so they can add the card

You can Add Revolut card to Apple Store


– When you link card to iTunes/App Store account you need to choose the same country as your country issued card (UK for Revolut otherwise your card will appear as invalid.)
– All the content, prices will be based on the UK store in GBP.
– Before you add your card you will need ~2,50€ on your account for verification process, in 10 days you will get refund.
– When you change your Country/Region in iTunes you will able to add your card*
*Use random address or your home address
and any UK postcode (I use W1B 2EL), any phone in this format 123-123 1234.

Voilà you can spend with your Revolut account on the iTunes/App Store!

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