Any good lightning wallets to start with?

Someone asked about Lightning wallets, and my comment was longer than I expected. I think the list deserves its own post. Please add your recommendations so I can update the list

Any good lightning wallets to start with? 2021

u/nullama asked about lightning wallets, and my response got a little longer than I initially expected. I spend a lot of time researching lightning use cases and current options, so please point out any options I’m missing, as I already know I missed quite a few. I’ll do some basic research about your recommendations and then add them to the list!Here’s my original comment:

There are a few nice but custodial options:

  1. Wallet of Satoshi is the simplest out there.

  2. Zebedee is a pretty cool wallet tailored to the gaming/esports scene. They will even support Lightning Addresses very soon (they’re the work of the zebedee CTO after all).

  3. Strike, currently US and El Salvador only, is a great way to pay lightning invoices with fiat. Yes, those lightning invoices can be your own from a different wallet, effectively buying bitcoin incredibly cheaply.

  4. Lastbit, which also acts as an on-/off-ramp, and even has the option for a bitcoin-backed debit card. EU only.

  5. Bottlepay, which also works like Strike and Lastbit. EU only.

  6. Default BlueWallet. When using their default LndHub instance, it’s custodial. See below for non-custodial options.

There are a few really simple non-custodial options:

  1. Breez, which handles channel management for you. Has a few interesting built-in features. Runs an lnd node on your phone.As pointed out by u/whitslack: Breez makes lncli commands directly available to the user, allowing power users to do almost everything that an lnd node lets you do.

  2. Phoenix, which is very similar to Breez. Developed by ACINQ, and uses eclair as a node.

  3. Eclair Mobile, which is an app that lets you manually run an eclair node on your phone, like Phoenix does. Doesn’t handle channels for you, but allows you to manage your node more deliberately. (recommended by u/whitslack)

  4. Muun, which is probably the most seamless on-chain + lightning wallet out there.

  5. Blixt, which is incredibly feature-rich. This requires (or more aptly, allows you) to manually manage a full node on your phone. Also building in support for Lightning Addresses.

  6. BLW, an android-only wallet, which is also fairly feature-rich. (recommended by u/DajZabrijBLW is deprecated, and replaced by SBW (same URL), the Simple Bitcoin Wallet.

Then there is the ultimate in self-sovereignty. Running your own node:

Popular node implementations:

  1. lnd, developed by Lightning Labs.

  2. c-lightning, developed by Blockstream.

  3. eclair, developed by ACINQ.

You can get a few nice plug&play solutions to simplify setup:

  1. RaspiBlitz.

  2. Umbrel.

  3. myNode.

After setting up your own node, you can connect as many wallets that support it as you want:

  1. BlueWallet, with a custom LndHub on your own node.

  2. Zeus, which works with or without LndHub.

  3. Zap, developed by the guy behind Strike (Note that the iOS version is discontinued and has a security flaw).

  4. Spark, specifically to interact directly with a c-lightning node. Designed for advanced users, offering a feature set. They’re directly sponsored by Blockstream. (recommended by u/hMsats)

  5. Electrum, for which you can run your own Electrum Server on your node! (recommended by u/1nva11d)



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