How to get backlinks in 2020?

Wondering if anything has changed or will change in regards to getting backlinks

Some of the methods I’m aware of are broken link building, blog comments, social media engagement, guest posting, forum posts. Any new strategies or updates to existing strategies?

How to get backlinks in 2020?

Here is my suggestion:

1. Blog Commenting
2. Submission online directories
3. Profile Creation Backlinks
4. Forum Commenting
5. Internal Linking
6. Social Bookmarking
7. Video Backlink
8. Give A testimonial
9. Guest Posting
10. Interview Backlinks
11. Link Roundups
12. Create Infographic
13. Become Author Of High-Authority Sites
14. Link Exchange Smartly (Don’t get me wrong)
15. Answer on Quora
16. Broken Link Building
17. Skyscraper technique [It still works]
18. Build a Relationship
19. Blogger Outreach
20. Write a Case Study
21. Interview Other Bloggers
22. Create Web 2.0 Sites
23. Content Syndication
24. Expired Domain
25. PBNs (Private Blog Network)
26. Write High Quality Content
27. Give Interviews
28. Interact with clients
29. Post case studies and industry statistics
30. Submit Infographics
31. Keep track of your competition
32. Talk with experts on Facebook communities
33. Write testimonials/Reviews
34. Press releases
35. Article submission



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