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Adult entertainment and decentralized applications to combat censorship



DeepNude developers abandoned the project a few days after becoming public. Without a central team, the program was left to its fate making that illegal and full of malware copies roam the Internet and there was no significant progress in its development.

With DreamNet we want to change that. We have created a team (small but strong) that develops DreamTime and DreamPower, two projects based on the dead DeepNude and continues to improve every day.

This is the beginning.

Photo nudification is a very early technology and is still far from perfect.

DreamTime still uses the same checkpoints as DeepNude so it is very possible that most of the photos you try to nudify come out with disappointing results.

We are working to develop new and better checkpoints that allow us to obtain better results in a wide variety of photos.

This is definitely not going to stop here.


DreamTime is only a user interface that allows you to use the nudification algorithm in a friendly way.

The algorithm is a different open-source project called DreamPower and these are the differences:

  • ⬛ DreamPower is a CLI application. It must be used through commands on your terminal.
  • 🐍 DreamPower is written in Python and uses PyTorch as an AI ecosystem.
  • 👨‍💻 DreamPower allows you to develop other tools such as a user interface (like DreamTime), bots and SaaS applications.

If you are a terminal hacker, a developer or someone interested in how AI works, you can download DreamPower at:


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