Coin ATM Radar: Online tool shows Bitcoin ATMs around the globe

A new online tool dubbed Coin ATM Radar now tracks the spread of Bitcoin ATMs across the globe, providing ATM operators with a place to market their services.

While many different hardware manufacturers have indicated their interest offering cryptocurrency-focussed products in the near future, an interesting point of reference is the humble ATM – several of which now serve as venerable Bitcoin ATMs dotted around the world.

While no authoritative audit yet exists for those of us desperate to try a Bitcoin ATM for the first time, Coin ATM Radar – a new online service – now offers an in-depth list of Bitcoin ATMs ready for customer service.

Beyond simple Bitcoin ATMS, Coin ATM Radar further offers users the ability to tailor a map to preview locations that support additional cryptocurrencies such as Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, and Monero.

Coin ATM Radar offers users to promote their Bitcoin ATM on its services and further accommodates cryptocurency ventures with custom map integrations.

Bitcoin ATMs have become steadily popular amongst traders – Coin ATM Radar alone lists some 2,743 ATMs located in just 67 countries, ranging from locations as diverse. as Russia to Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe, of course, recently received its first cash-dispensing Bitcoin ATM courtesy of local cryptocurrency exchange Golix, where normal banking services – such as traditional ATMs – have become redundant thanks to rampant hyperinflation.

While online exchanges might be a far more popular transaction platform for interested Bitcoin traders, Bitcoin ATM machines typically charge a ‘commission’ fee from three to eight percent above and beyond a traditional exchange price as such systems provide one of the most private ways to settle a purchase.

Users typically insert either cash or a debit/credit card into the system and scan a QR code found within a mobile wallet on their smartphone of choice when using a Bitcoin ATM. The ATM then prints a paper receipt containing codes and instructions that direct a user to transfer their newly purchased Bitcoin to their mobile wallet.

Visit Coin ATM Radar here.

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