Top Merchants who Accept Bitcoin as Payment

Merchants Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

The thing is no one merchant wants to miss the “Pizza Moment”. For 2 pizzas one technology tolerant merchant in Florida took in 10,000 Bitcoins. These coins are  now worth more than $10M at current exchange rate effectively putting him in the Bitcoin Rich List. So, if you have some Bitcoins to spend and is looking for merchants-be it in retail, fashion, real estate or travel who accept Bitcoin then look no further.

Unsurprisingly, more and more businesses are accepting Bitcoins as payment. In some places, you can even pay your parking fees in Bitcoin. Here is the list of top merchants in all sectors that accept Bitcoin as payment:


Retailers or Gift Shop Accepting Bitcoin


Fashion Stores (Buy Fashion with Bitcoin)


Food, Groceries and Restaurants (Eat with Bitcoin)


Travel (Buy Flight tickets or hotels with Bitcoin)


Real Estate or Home Improvement (Buy a House with Bitcoin)


Gadgets, Electronics and Technology Company (Buy Tech with Bitcoin)


Blogs and Charities

  • 12hours – List of charities in South Africa that uses Pay fast for receiving donations
  • Africa food for thought – NGO based in south Africa which focuses on School Feeding Programs
  • Apple-A-Day Foundation – Charity which focuses on school materials
  • Anza – UK based NGO focusing on Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro region
  • Heartlands Baby Sanctuary – South Africa based NGO which aims to provide healthcare and other primary needs of children under their care.









In those times that bitcoin is getting a steady price, we all can start using Bitcoin to do anything and everything !

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