Error to redeem gift card on Google Play

If you have redeemed a gift card on Google Play, and experienced the error PRS-PERFC-01, don’t panic, here is the solution.

When a Google account needs verification, it is quite possible that at the moment you cannot redeem any Gift Card, because your account needs verification.

PRS-PERFC-01 error to redeem gift card on Google Play


If you try to redeem the code on another account, it will work, except for yours, and to resolve this, you need to contact Google through forms, perform the following steps:

  1. Access this form:
  2. Fill in the information of the store name, and city where you bought the Gift-Card
  3. Attach the payment method used
  4. Your contact phone number, along with the email you want to use the Gift-Card
  5. Click send

After a few days, Google will contact you with a complete verification of the code, and release it to your account for redemption.

Where to buy a Google Play gift card?

There are many places, one of

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