The Ultimate Guide to Niched Guest Posting (Crazy ranking, for free)

By having high-valued moneysites, public PBNs aren’t reliable enough and private PBNs is too time-consuming and needs a lot of upfront investments


That’s where guest post outreach comes into place.

The reason most people fail with GP outreach is mainly two reasons:

  • a) The people you contact are within the wrong niche
  • b) Your initial email is straight up.. wrong

For this guide, I’ll be covering both how to scrape the ideal targets, how to filter these nicely, and lastly how to properly write the initial email that will result in a higher success rate.

Been doing this method for super-niched topical blogs and websites. Out of 6000 emails sent, I’ve so far got 350 positive replies of website owners with high metrics, accepting, for free. That’s a success rate of 6% and is both cheaper and will outrank any PBN on the market without a doubt.

#1: Scrape websites:
You need a tool that’s capable of three things: scraping google, websites and website metrics (domain authority, whois information, domain age, indexed pages etc).

I prefer to use Link-Assistant, a pretty unknown tool in this forum but really, really good. Their Professional edition is at $124, but I found the discount code “Summer” online (not sure if it still works) that will let you grab it for $49. It’s a steal, to be honest.

The tool has different scraping options. In the backbone, these are ways to search google and scrape the websites for common terms, thus deciding if it’s suitable for you or not.


Guest Posting:
The most common and basic one. It will scan Google for websites given your keywords that has the words “guest post” indexed. If they’ve posted one guest post, they are likely to do it again.

Same goes for here. Scan the website for the term Review. This is perfect for Amazon affiliates, as you are able to do a review guestpost with your affiliate links.

Scan the website that has pages with your term plus a commenting field. I prefer to stay away from these.

Same for reviews but with the term Giveaway.

There are a few more options for you to check out. The one that’s most interesting to us is the method “Guest Posting” and “Topical Blogs”.

The next step is to fill in the keywords. Obviously, do your keyword research, but the main takeaway here is that you can be fairly broad. We will filter these later to be super niched.


For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll be focusing on dog toys.

It will now scan Google based on your keywords and search method chosen in the previous step. It’ll gather data such as page title, meta description, domain age, indexed pages and other useful data.

#2: Filter to find super-niched prospects:
From these 4 keywords we get a list of 1300 possible prospects.


All these are found using the set keywords – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are super niched. We want the most bang for our bucks, creating a highly relevant link profile.

For the filtering, I like to stick with Title and Meta Description, and pick those that contain certain words. For this example, we’ll use the words “dog”, “puppy” and “pet.”, “pets”, “pet “. Notice that there’s different variations for pet, and we’re filtering only if a sentence ends with pet (with a dot at the end) or if it has a space after – since else it will match words such as petrol and peter.

This will leave us with websites having either of these words in either title or description – meaning the website is most likely about this topic.


You can only do one by one for now, I’ve sent in a support ticket asking them to allow multiple word selection though. What you then get is a list filtered on these words.

Right-click the entire selection and select Status->Fill link request form.


After this is done, hop back into filter and switch so it only displays the new Status of the websites. This will leave you with a new list, only containing these highly-matched ones.


And we end up with over 1000, super niched websites. Time to filter some more, shall we?


Go to the column section (top-right), and choose these columns:
“Prospect Domain”, “Title”, “Meta Description”, “Prospect Email”, “Domain Authority (Prospect)”, “Status”.

Select the entire list and click “Prospect Email”. This will scan the entire website, who-is information and forms to find the websites main email address. This might take a few minutes so leave it running.

After that, head back to filter and add a second filter – that email address must contain “@” and does not contain “abuse”. This will filter out all websites where we couldn’t grab their email, and those are useless for us anyway.


And there we have it. Our list of super-niched websites, very relevant to our topic, with their email address.

Second step now is to fetch Domain Authority. We all know this isn’t the best metric to determine strength by – but it’s something. This will be useful for when emails are sent out and if a website is asking for a fee, it’s quick and easy to see if you should just ignore their email (low DA) or look deeper into it.

I usually filter by DA 15+, and for DA 40+ I’m considering to pay a small fee (no more than $25).

Export all the prospects to a CSV, and open Word. It’s writing time!

#3: Drafting your outreach email:
What do most people do wrong when it comes to outreach? You are too direct, not looking to create value for them or build any relationship. Try to speak through the screen and actually seem eager to build a relationship for this and future partnerships and you’ll have a much bigger success.

That’s a lot of fancy words, but how does it look like?

A commonly poorly written email:

To whomever it concern,

I wish to post an article on your site. Can I do this and what are your requirements?

And surprisingly enough, there’s a lot of people who do exactly that (I get about 10 of those a day, straight to junk mail).

What if.. you be more personal and try to bring value?

Hi there!

My name is Adam, founder of We're a US based blog 
following the different trends of dog toys and constantly look for new things 
on the market - and that's actually how I found your website.

I love the stuff you put out and must congratulate you on that! I was wondering 
if you're offering guest post services - as in one of our professional writers within 
the dog niche draft up a nice blog post, that you may share on your site. 

The article will of course be written by a professional copywriter, with SEO in 
mind (to drive traffic to your website) - and free of charge for you. If we could 
mention our site in an unbiased and natural way - that would be great.

Let me know what you think! Would love to see if we can create a long-term 
partnership and do lots of fun stuff together in the future that's benefitial for both of us!

All the best,

See how we’re looking to add value rather than just piggyback from their hard work? With this type of approach, more often than not, you will be accepted to post for free with the hopes of future partnerships together (which you should consider, as partnerships are the foundation of a successful business – but more on that another time).

#4: Sending the email blast:
The final, and easiest step. Head over to Mailchimp, register a new account and set it up with your domain. You will be given 2000 emails for free. If you need more, it’s just another $20.

Import your CSV from Link-Assistant, and paste your email text (as raw text, HTML emails have a harder time reaching Inbox). Make sure you’re sending from a personal email address (like [email protected] instead of info@).

Within minutes (literally), you will have your first replies. This is a screenshot of my latest sendout (500 emails). The blast was done 11:38, and replies were dropping in constantly for the next 72 hours.


Now it’s just to get your writer ready and provide them with a topical article with a few links with good anchor diversification, and watch your ranking explode.

Best of luck!

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